Deep Roots,

New Prospects

With 2 own brands, 4 professional product series, ATC offers corporate clients, distributors and consumers all-round services. In addition, we also provide consultancy, design and manufacturing services to clients with gift recommendations, import & export services, distribution services and online sales channels to fulfill customer needs.

The Way Forward

Looking ahead, ATC will be focusing on six major areas. Firstly, increase automation through logistics network to provide customers with electronic products to help build a smart home. Next, ATC will explore new product, revamp current system to expand our current market. In addition to the European and US markets, the next stage would be to explore North American and South American markets. The company will also open online platform and develop O2O models so customer can enjoy swift, tailor-made services. Finally, ATC would continue to launch its own brands, increase customer knowledgeand loyalty to the brand.

ATC Strength

Application for over 30 patents worldwide

Trademark registration in over 30 countries around the world

The only technology support partner for Microsoft InstaLoad Battery Technology in Asia in 2010

Authorized accessory manufacturer for Apple’s 30 pin accessories in 2010

Authorized accessory manufacturer for
Apple’s Lightning accessories in 2012